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gearing up for baby?

Gearing up for baby: #dubizzleMoms talk!

Are you a completely overwhelmed new mommy? Are you gearing up for your precious baby? What were your thoughts while going through your baby’s…


What kind of outdoorsy person are you?

Hello there, Winter! Do you keep planning to conquer the grueling wilderness, exploring unseen and untouched trails? Or are you more of the aquatic…


everything bhp, cylinders, transmission and fuel

Auto trends for the UAE!

We are all about providing transparency on auto industry stats, and in our Auto trends infographic for the UAE 2014  we are giving you…


everything about recruiting & finding a job dubizzle style

dubizzle Jobs goes 2.0 for recruiters!

Unbearable excitement is slowly spreading from the dubizzle Jobs team to the many many recruiters using dubizzle on a daily basis to find the…

Vintage phone

What to do after a job interview?

Waiting, isn’t that the loveliest notion on the planet. Waves of agony sprinkled in with long stretches of boredom when your friends turn up late,…


everything geeky, nerdy, QA'd, debugged and engineered.

The new dubizzle mobile app is here!

Awesomeness alert! The dubizzle mobile app is upon us and let’s just modestly say it’s something Chuck Norris would install. On the home screen….

A6 template

Let’s make your dumb TV smart

You couldn’t have gone the last few years without being told about Smart TVs; about how awesome they are, how connected they are, and…


Entry-level laptops: Today’s prices

Having gotten some really good feedback on our last tech blog post about smartphones on dubizzle and in-store and their current prices, we decided…